To get a Sharp Copier lease, use form below to get quote from up to 5 copier lease suppliers today.

1.FineStar Imaging LLC

FineStar Imaging LLC is the leading provider of quality printing, copying, and servicing solutions. 

FineStar Imaging LLC

For businesses in New York City and Long Island looking to manage their documents more efficiently, FineStar offers a wide range of service and repair options. 

Whether you are interested in buying or leasing a new copier or printer, need repairs or service for existing ones, require supplies for them, FineStar is here to help. 

FineStar provides reliable copier services to simplify the process and make it easier to access your copying needs. Schedule a service today with FineStar Imaging LLC and free yourself from the hassle.

2.Dean Office Solutions

Dean Office Solutions is an office product company founded by John Egerter, with 25+ years of experience in the industry. 

They specialize in copiers and printers, providing top quality same-day services. Dean Office Solutions also has a full line of additional products and services available, such as supplies and maintenance. 

With Dean Office Solutions businesses can get all their copier needs taken care of without ever needing to leave their offices. 

For more information about Dean Office Solutions, contact them today.

3.LDI Connect

LDI Connect is the company to call when you need help managing your office technology solutions. They provide a wide range of services, from print and managed IT to cloud services, pro AV, security solutions, and even document management. 

LDI Connect

With LDI Connect, businesses can connect all of these different technologies together so that their day-to-day operations run more efficiently. 

LDI Connect offers a one stop shop for all of your office technology needs with the guidance, recommendations, installation, and support you need to make sure everything works perfectly. 

There is also a wide selection of manufacturers and models from which to choose at LDI Connect – making it easier than ever for businesses who feel overwhelmed by the number of choices in office tech to find the right solution. 

To get expertly connected today, schedule a meeting with LDI Connect.

4.Specialty Business Solutions

Specialty Business Solutions offers a comprehensive range of printing products, ideal for businesses and organizations looking to improve their print capabilities. 

Specialty Business Solutions is the premier Lexmark dealer and our award-winning products deliver superior quality and value. 

By assessing your industry needs, Specialty Business Solutions can offer advanced solutions that enable innovative workflows and productivity. 

Whether you’re a small business in need of reliable printing services or an enterprise organization wanting to streamline processes, Specialty Business Solutions has the solution for you! Request a quote online today to get started.


GoodSuite is the perfect solution to help your business take the next step up elsewhere. 

GoodSuite is much more than just another managed service provider (MSP) for technology solutions and support, GoodSuite provides insight into your network security and makes sure you can stay focused on what matters most without worrying about any potential cyber threats. 

GoodSuite also helps lower costs that are associated with technology, giving your business more financial breathing room. 

Bit confused where to start? GoodSuite offers a free cyber threat assessment so you can make sure it provides exactly what your business needs right away.

6.DEX Imaging

DEX Imaging is the largest independent office equipment dealer in the United States, offering a local touch with offices in each market they serve. 

DEX Imaging provides solutions to businesses of all sizes – from organizations that need to print or copy documents to people who want to buy, lease, or repair printers and copiers, as well as finding ink and toner cartridges. 

DEX Imaging stands out for its commitment to giving back by donating 13 of their profits to charities, educational initiatives, and sports programs in their local communities so businesses can do better.

7.Platinum Copier Solutions

Platinum Copier Solutions is an exceptional copier device provider that offers the perfect machine to help you make copies of whatever you need. 

Their copier device is a Sharp with the added benefit of an Aquos Board. 

Platinum Copier Solutions, not only supplies a great service, but they also offer support and lease options, taking away the stress and hassle of buying or renting. 

If you think Platinum Copier Solutions could be perfect for your business then do not hesitate to get in touch for a free quote today.

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